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Architecture - Lesson 2

This architecture document is a bit artificial because the software was already written. We are just documenting it. Still we try to put the things that would be in each phase of the architecture


Problem: How to create an effective random number on the blockchain

  • Option 1: Use keccak256 of the name string. Of course, this gives the same random number with the same string.
  • Option 2: Use keccak256 of a number of elements
  • Solution: Go with option 1

Problem: The game is too simple and boring

  • Option 1: Add a battle interface
  • Option 2



The Player create their first zombie

  • Player enters a name in a field (on the website)
  • Player pushes a Create Zombie button The Player feeds his Zombies (with CryptoKitties)
  • The Player selects a zombie on his web interface page (on the website)
  • The player selects a displayed kittie (from the CryptoKitties of a fixed address, on the website)
  • The player selects feed, on the website
  • The player gets a new zombie with kittie dna

Sub-Features (To Do)

  • Make Zombie tradable
  • Figure a way for Zombies to battle each other and win or lose

API (just the public variables and functioins)


struct Zombie {
    string name;
    uint dna;

Zombie[] public zombies;

mapping (uint => address) public zombieToOwner;
mapping (address => uint) ownerZombieCount;

function createRandomZombie(string _name) public {

function feedOnKitty(uint _zombieId, uint _kittyId) public {

function feedAndMultiply(uint _zombieId, uint _targetDna, string memory _species) public {