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System Description Document - CryptoZombies Lesson 4

Crypto is a Zombie Card Battle and Trading Game designed for teaching Solidity (See It is organized lessons. This documentation process example follows the lessons of the in order to show how documentation grows as a project develops.

CryptoZombies is designed to be run from a java script website designed for this purpose.



The Player plays the game via the website. Multiple player can play at the same time or sequentially.

Game Administrator

The Game Administrator can set and change the owner of the CryptoKitties that the Zombies can feed off of.

The Game Administrator can withdraw the funds in the account (from fees for leveling up)


This game has no tokens (yet).


Players can Level up a zombie by paying a fee

Game Rules

Each player can only create one random zombie. The Player enters a name for a zombie and asks to create a zombie.

The name must be between 2 and 14 letters.

The zombie is created on the blockchain with attributes. The player receives an index to the zombie, the name written on the blockchain (which is the same as he sent) and a dna number.

Zombies can feed on cryptokitties and create a new zombie with a mix of the dna of the kitty and the feeding zombie. The created zombie has specific kitty dna. The created zombie has the initial name "noname". Zombie enters a cool down period (1 day) after a feeding

The owner of a zombie can change its name, but the name length must be between 2 and 14

The dna can be used to specify the looks of the zombie but this functionality is not on chain, it is within the Java Script contracts).

Zombies can attack other zombies. They have a 70% chance to win. Where they win, their wincount and level is incremented. The enemy loss count is incremented. Where the attacking zombie loses, its loss count is incremented and the enemy zombies win count is incremented. Win or lose, the attacking zombie enters a cooldown time (1 day). It cannot fight or feed until the cool down time is complete.