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/// @title CryptoZombies Lesson 4
/// @author H4XF13LD MORRIS 💯💯😎💯💯 (documentation by Rex Hygate)
// @Github
// @SDD "./doc./System Description"
// @ARCH ./doc/Crpto...
pragma solidity ^0.4.24;
import "./zombiehelper.sol";
contract ZombieBattle is ZombieHelper {
uint randNonce = 0;
uint attackVictoryProbability = 70;
//req ZA_1 Generate a random number between 0 and the given Modulus
function randMod(uint _modulus) internal returns(uint) {
randNonce = randNonce.add(1);
return uint(keccak256(now, msg.sender, randNonce)) % _modulus;
// req ZA_2 Perform a zombie on zombie attack
// ZA_3 where your zombie wins, increment wincount
// ZA_4 where your zombie wins, increment level
// ZA_5 where your zombie wins, increment th attacked zombie loss count
// ZA_6 where your zombie wins, create a new zombie with a mix of both zombie dna's
// ZA_7 where your zombie loses, increment loss count
// ZA_8 where your zombie loses, increment attacked zombie win count
// ZA_9 where your zombie loses, trigger a cooldown
function attack(uint _zombieId, uint _targetId) external ownerOf(_zombieId) {
Zombie storage myZombie = zombies[_zombieId];
Zombie storage enemyZombie = zombies[_targetId];
uint rand = randMod(100);
if (rand <= attackVictoryProbability) {
myZombie.winCount = myZombie.winCount.add(1);
myZombie.level = myZombie.level.add(1);
enemyZombie.lossCount = enemyZombie.lossCount.add(1);
feedAndMultiply(_zombieId, enemyZombie.dna, "zombie");
} else {
myZombie.lossCount = myZombie.lossCount.add(1);
enemyZombie.winCount = enemyZombie.winCount.add(1);