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pragma solidity ^0.4.24;
/// @title CryptoZombies Lesson 3
/// @author H4XF13LD MORRIS 💯💯😎💯💯 (documentation by Rex Hygate)
// @Github
// @SDD "./doc./System Description"
// @ARCH ./doc/Crpto...
import "./ownable.sol";
import "./safemath.sol";
contract ZombieFactory is Ownable {
using SafeMath for uint256;
using SafeMath32 for uint32;
using SafeMath16 for uint16;
event NewZombie(uint zombieId, string name, uint dna);
uint dnaDigits = 16;
uint dnaModulus = 10 ** dnaDigits;
uint cooldownTime = 1 days;
uint minNameLength = 1;
uint maxNameLength = 15;
struct Zombie {
string name;
uint dna;
uint32 level;
uint32 readyTime;
uint16 winCount;
uint16 lossCount;
Zombie[] public zombies;
mapping (uint => address) public zombieToOwner;
mapping (address => uint) ownerZombieCount;
// req ZF1 Push the Zombie attributes in the zombies struct
// req ZF2 Emit the Zombie id, name and dna
// req ZF7 Save the owner of the zombie for future use
// req ZF8 Keep a count of the number of zombies each owner has
function _createZombie(string _name, uint _dna) internal {
uint id = zombies.push(Zombie(_name, _dna, 1, uint32(now + cooldownTime), 0, 0)) - 1;
zombieToOwner[id] = msg.sender;
ownerZombieCount[msg.sender] = ownerZombieCount[msg.sender].add(1);
emit NewZombie(id, _name, _dna);
// req ZF3 Generate a pseudo random number from a string which is returned as the dna
// req ZF4 Throw an error if string length is too short or long
// req ZF5 Create id which represents the index of the Zombie in the struct on blockchain
function _generateRandomDna(string _str) private view returns (uint) {
uint len = bytes(_str).length;
require((len> minNameLength && len < maxNameLength), "Name bad length"); // New code added for tests
uint rand = uint(keccak256(abi.encodePacked(_str)));
return rand % dnaModulus;
// req ZF6 Make Zombie in struct and emit id, name and dna
// req ZF9 Only run this function for the first zombie for each owner
function createRandomZombie(string _name) public {
require(ownerZombieCount[msg.sender] == 0);
uint randDna = _generateRandomDna(_name);
_createZombie(_name, randDna);