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pragma solidity ^0.4.24;
/// @title CryptoZombies Lesson 3
/// @author H4XF13LD MORRIS 💯💯😎💯💯 (documentation by Rex Hygate)
// @Github
// @SDD "./doc./System Description"
// @ARCH ./doc/Crpto...
import "./zombiefactory.sol";
contract KittyInterface {
function getKitty(uint256 _id) external view returns (
bool isGestating,
bool isReady,
uint256 cooldownIndex,
uint256 nextActionAt,
uint256 siringWithId,
uint256 birthTime,
uint256 matronId,
uint256 sireId,
uint256 generation,
uint256 genes
contract ZombieFeeding is ZombieFactory {
KittyInterface kittyContract;
// req ZFE1 Allow the kitty address to be set and updated when required
// Check if there are kitties at that address
function setKittyContractAddress(address _address) external onlyOwner {
kittyContract = KittyInterface(_address);
// req ZFE2 Increase the ready time by the cooldown time, triggering a coo
function _triggerCooldown(Zombie storage _zombie) internal {
_zombie.readyTime = uint32(now + cooldownTime);
// req ZFE3 returns TRUE when zombie ready to feed or fight (cooldown is complete)
function _isReady(Zombie storage _zombie) internal view returns (bool) {
return (_zombie.readyTime <= now);
// req ZFE4 Mix the dna of the feeding zombie and the targetted kitty to a new dna
// req ZFE5 Ensure only the owner can execute the function
// req ZFE6 Only run this function if the zombie is ready (not in cooldown)
// req ZFE7 If the species variable is "kitty" put a 99 at the end of the dna
// req ZFE8 create a new zombie, called "Noname" with the resulting new dna
// req ZFE9 Start a cooldown of the zombie
function feedAndMultiply(uint _zombieId, uint _targetDna, string _species) internal {
require(msg.sender == zombieToOwner[_zombieId], "Zombie not owned by you");
require(_isReady(myZombie), "Zombie still in cooldown");
Zombie storage myZombie = zombies[_zombieId];
_targetDna = _targetDna % dnaModulus;
uint newDna = (myZombie.dna + _targetDna) / 2;
if (keccak256(abi.encodePacked(_species)) == keccak256(abi.encodePacked("kitty"))) {
newDna = newDna - newDna % 100 + 99;
_createZombie("NoName", newDna);
// req ZFE10 Have one zombie feed on the specified kitty and create a new zombie of species kitty
function feedOnKitty(uint _zombieId, uint _kittyId) public {
uint kittyDna;
// Add require address is non zero
(,,,,,,,,,kittyDna) = kittyContract.getKitty(_kittyId);
// require is address has no kitties
feedAndMultiply(_zombieId, kittyDna, "kitty");