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/// @title CryptoZombies Lesson 3
/// @author H4XF13LD MORRIS 💯💯😎💯💯 (documentation by Rex Hygate)
// @Github
// @SDD "./doc./System Description"
// @ARCH ./doc/Crpto...
pragma solidity ^0.4.24;
import "./zombiefeeding.sol";
contract ZombieHelper is ZombieFeeding {
uint levelUpFee = 0.001 ether; // Initial Level up Fee
modifier aboveLevel(uint _level, uint _zombieId) {
require(zombies[_zombieId].level >= _level);
// req ZH1 The owner can withdraw the balance of the contract
function withdraw() external onlyOwner {
address _owner = owner();
// req ZH2 The owner can change the level up fee
function setLevelUpFee(uint _fee) external onlyOwner {
levelUpFee = _fee;
// req ZH3 Level up a zombie after the fee is paid
// req ZH4 If the amount sent is not exactly the fee, reject the transaction
function levelUp(uint _zombieId) external payable {
require(msg.value == levelUpFee, "Amount sent not level up fee");
// req ZH5 Changes the name of a zombie
// req ZH6 Name change can only be done by the zombie's owner
function changeName(uint _zombieId, string _newName) external aboveLevel(2, _zombieId) {
require(msg.sender == zombieToOwner[_zombieId]);
// Check length of name
zombies[_zombieId].name = _newName;
// ZH7 Changes the dna of a zombie if it is above level 20
// ZH8 Only the owner of a zombie can change its dna
function changeDna(uint _zombieId, uint _newDna) external aboveLevel(20, _zombieId) {
require(msg.sender == zombieToOwner[_zombieId]);
zombies[_zombieId].dna = _newDna;
// ZH9 Create and return an array of the number of zombies by owner for use in other function
function getZombiesByOwner(address _owner) external view returns(uint[]) {
uint[] memory result = new uint[](ownerZombieCount[_owner]);
uint counter = 0;
for (uint i = 0; i < zombies.length; i++) {
if (zombieToOwner[i] == _owner) {
result[counter] = i;
return result;
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