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Development Plan


  • Roman - Full Stack dev with Node and React expertise. Junior Solidity and Ethereum ecosystem knowledge.
  • Rex - Quality assurance expert. Junior Solidity and Ethereum ecosystem knowledge.


  • Kevin - Senior Solidity dev and ecosystem expert
  • Chris - Senior Solidity dev and ecosystem expert
  • Kiril - Senior Solidity/Security expert
  • Will be looking for senior UX/UI dapp mentor

Stack and Tools

We are going to use:

  • Solidity
  • Truffle + Ganache + React + Drizzle
  • [Add code coverage tools]
  • [Add static analysis tools]


There will be one contract that will keep all the records in its state and provide methods to manage them.

Test Plan

Write Truffle tests that are traceable to requirements.



  • Research
  • Write System Description Document
  • Write Development Plan
  • Write Architecture


  • Preliminary audit
  • Write Software Requirements
  • Implement Smart Contract
  • Get to 100% test coverage
  • Implement UI
  • Write Audit Prep Report
  • Audit


  • Prepare for presentation
  • Submit code
  • Present
  • Following days:
  • Publish all the supporting documentation and the audit report
  • Set up a bug bounty program [how?]

Deployment Phases

  • Testnet: Saturday
  • Mainnet: Days following hackathon


Deployment: Use truffle deploy Re-deployment: Not supported (v2)

Audit Phases

  • Preliminary audit
  • Full audit and full audit
  • Change impact analysis on every future change to smart contract code