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SecurCube IMAP Downloader


SecurCube ImapDownloader is a free forensic tool that allows to clone an imap account in folders and emails (.eml). At the end of the process you will get a zip file with all mails organized in forders correlated with hashes.


  • Fast connection parameters selection for:
    • Gmail
    • iCloud
    • Yahoo!
    • AOL
    • AT&T
    • MSN
  • Multi-thread folders downloads to speedup the process
  • Support download resume in case of lost connection, errors, or whatever
  • Selective folders download
  • Also important email details are saved, such as:
    • Email ID (IMAP folder progressive ID)
    • MessageId
    • Email date
    • Email Not Readed status (marked with 'N' in the filename)
  • PCAP acquisition of all imap commands

Emails are named like: (_N)_.eml examples: <- Seen message <- Not Seen Message (or marked as Unseen)

This is a sample of the log file:

Host name: (resolved ip = 111.222.333.444) 
Port: 993
UseSSL: True
User name:
User password: ------

Folder: [Gmail]		0 emails
Folder: [Gmail]/Bin		83 emails
Folder: [Gmail]/Drafts		0 emails
Folder: [Gmail]/Spam		122 emails
Folder: [Gmail]/Starred		0 emails
Folder: [Gmail]/Important		3456 emails
Folder: [Gmail]/Sent Mail		80 emails
Folder: INBOX		15262 emails

Total emails: 22472

Startd at 17/07/2017 09:45:45 UTC
End at 17/07/2017 11:00:36 UTC

Export file : D:\ExportImap\
MD5 : 6AF9632A420D610EA8496225114F6B8E
SHA1 : 196310408C3AF3A3673DB36B0475D0D242337AD9



Click here to download the latest release

Known issue

When Windows crashes sometime the zip file is corrupt and no resume is supported. By the way you can open and fix the file with 7-zip.

Bug reports or new requests

Please go to We will answer as soon as we get a chance.


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