SC2 Masternode Setup

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SC2 Masternode Setup Guide


  1. a fully unlocked wallet in sync on your local client: get it here
  2. 12345 SC2 -> buy now on CryptoBridge!
  3. a VPS running ubuntu 16.04 and ssh root access


  1. generate a new address with "File -> receiveing addresses -> new" and label it mn1
  2. go to the Send tab, and make a transaction of exactly 12345 SC2 to the mn1 address
  3. wait for confirmations, then open the Debug console and type masternode outputs
  4. take a note of the txhash: 123xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxdf and the outputidx: usually 0 or 1
  5. in the local debug console type masternode genkey and take note of the 8xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxbf key
  6. go at the remote VPS and type wget
  7. then type bash ./ and follow the onscreen instructions
  8. type watch -n 10 securecloudcoin-cli mnsync status and wait for full sync: RequestedMasternodeAssests: 999
  9. in your local masternode.conf put mn1 8xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxbf 123xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxdf 0 where is the address of your VPS instance and the rest are the informations you took note above. Then restart and unlock the wallet again.
  10. in the local wallet's debug console type startmasternode alias "0" mn1

Output will be:

        `"alias" : "mn1",`
        `"result" : "successful",`
        `"error" : ""`

You're succesfully running an SC2 Masternode!

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