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const Joi = require('joi');
const schema = Joi.object()
// Requires a given string value
username: Joi.string()
// Define password complexity requirements through regex (consider more complex regex)
password: Joi.string()
// Force passwords to match
password_confirmation: Joi.any()
// Accept different Joi types. Optional, unconstrainted string or number
access_token: [Joi.string(), Joi.number()],
// Required birthyear to be an int between range
birthyear: Joi.number()
// Validate email address from (remember spoofing considerations)
email: Joi.string()
marketing_opt_out: Joi.boolean(),
csrf_token: Joi.string()
version: 'uuidv4',
sex: Joi.string()
.equal(['M', 'F', 'MALE', 'FEMALE', 'DECLINE'])
roles: Joi.object()
// email must be accompanied by marketing_opt_out
.with('email', 'marketing_opt_out');
const result = Joi.validate({
username: 'Ronald',
password: 'McDonald',
password_confirmation: 'McDonald',
birthyear: 2010,
email: '',
marketing_opt_out: true,
csrf_token: '6d4d8c14-ef12-45d9-ab3c-5dddf941fb76',
sex: 'F',
time: 1534942475121,
roles: {},
}, schema);
// If result.error === null, payload is valid
console.log(`The validation error is: ${result.error}`);