securityonion-sudoers: remove secure_path #1040

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@dougburks dougburks changed the title from securityonion-sudoers: update secure_path to include /snap/bin to securityonion-sudoers: remove secure_path Dec 21, 2016
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This package was created here:

The original motivation was user convenience, allowing the user to type "sudo broctl" instead of "sudo /opt/bro/bin/broctl". This setting needs to be removed now for a few reasons:

  • Ubuntu recently updated the default secure_path setting but that setting was being overridden by our setting. By removing our setting, we allow the standard default to take effect.

  • We're adding a new script /usr/sbin/broctl (#1043) that will run /opt/bro/bin/broctl as a limited user. So now when a user types "sudo broctl" it will do the right thing with the default Ubuntu secure_path setting.

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