Automating Setup

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You can automate the Setup process using sosetup.conf.

Starting from scratch

Copy the example file to your home directory:

cp /usr/share/securityonion/sosetup.conf ~

Edit your new sosetup.conf using nano or your favorite text editor:

nano ~/sosetup.conf

Run Setup with the -f switch and the path to this file:

sudo sosetup -f ~/sosetup.conf

Using sosetup -w

As of securityonion-setup - 20120912-0ubuntu0securityonion201, sosetup now supports a -w switch that allows you to answer the standard Setup questions and have it write out your custom sosetup.conf:

For example:

# Configure sosetup to write out a new configuration file called sosetup.conf
sosetup -w ~/sosetup.conf

# Answer all questions in Setup

# Run sosetup with the new configuration file
sudo sosetup -f ~/sosetup.conf