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Many analysts may wish to integrate intel feeds into their existing network security monitoring infrastructure. While still considered experimental, analysts can install and utilize the Critical Stack Intel Client with in Security Onion to do so, allowing them receive and act upon intel feeds as desired. The process for installing and configuring the client is rather straightforward, and can be completed in minutes.

Install and Configure

For installation steps, please see:


Once the client is correctly installed and configured , Bro should create intel.log in /nsm/bro/logs, and you should be able to see logs via the Intel dashboard within Kibana.

Please note: Depending on the type of traffic seen by Security Onion, it may take a while for information to be available, or for intel.log to be created, as this is only done once an indicator has been recognized.

Also note that, by default, the Critical Stack client polls hourly to update (locally) feeds to which you are subscribed. Requests are limited to a certain amount per hour, so it is recommended to use a different API key per server. Upstream, the content of the feeds themselves are updated at an interval defined by the the feed author/origin.

For more information, please see Richard Bejtlich's TaoSecurity blog or the Critical Stack Intel Marketplace:

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