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Many organizations would like to take data from Security Onion and send it to third party systems.


We don't provide free support for third party systems, so this wiki page will be just a brief introduction to how you would accomplish this. If you need commercial support, please see:

How do I send Bro and OSSEC logs to an external syslog collector?

Configure /etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf with a new destination to forward to your external syslog collector and then restart syslog-ng.

How do I send IDS alerts to an external system?

2 options:

  • Edit ALL /etc/nsm/HOSTNAME-INTERFACE/barnyard2*.conf files on ALL sensors with a new output to send IDS alerts to your external systems and then restart all barnyard2 instances:
sudo nsm_sensor_ps-restart --only-barnyard2


  • On your master server (running sguild), configure /etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf with a new source to monitor /var/log/nsm/securityonion/sguild.log for Alert Received lines and a new destination to send to your external system, and then restart syslog-ng. To do this modify /etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf and add the following lines:
# This line specifies where the sguild.log file is located, and informs syslog-ng to tail the file, the program_override inserts the string sguil_alert into the string
source s_sguil { file("/var/log/nsm/securityonion/sguild.log" program_override("sguil_alert")); };

# This line filters on the string “Alert Received”
filter f_sguil { match("Alert Received"); };

# This line tells syslog-ng to send the data read to the IP address of, via UDP to port 514
destination d_sguil_udp { udp("" port(514)); };

# This log section tells syslog-ng how to structure the previous ‘source / filter / destination’ and is what actually puts them into play
log {

Please note that this option requires set DEBUG 2 in /etc/sguild/sguild.conf.

Installing FIR on Security Onion

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Installing GRR on Security Onion

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Installing NtopNG on Security Onion

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Installing RITA on Security Onion

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Installing Etherpad on Security Onion

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