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Security Onion Hybrid Hunter Tech Preview 1.0.6


Hybrid Hunter is a brand new Security Onion platform with the following characteristics:

  • Move from Ubuntu DEB packages to Docker images
  • Support both Ubuntu 16.04 and RedHat/CentOS 7
  • Higher performance
  • More centralized configuration

Warnings and Disclaimers

  • If this breaks your system, you get to keep both pieces!
  • This script is a work in progress and is in constant flux.
  • This script is intended to build a quick prototype proof of concept so you can see what our new platform might look like. This configuration will change drastically over time leading up to the final - release.
  • Do NOT run this on a system that you care about!
  • Do NOT run this on a system that has data that you care about!
  • This script should only be run on a TEST box with TEST data!
  • This script is only designed for standalone boxes and does NOT support distributed deployments.
  • Use of this script may result in nausea, vomiting, or a burning sensation.


Evaluation Mode:

  • Single VM running Ubuntu 16.04 or CentOS 7
  • Minimum 8GB of RAM
  • Minimum 4 CPU cores
  • Minimum 2 NICs


  • 3 VMs running Ubuntu 16.04 or CentOS 7 (You can mix and match)
  • Minimum 8GB of RAM per VM
  • Minimum 4 CPU cores per VM
  • Minimum 2 NICs for forward nodes


If you are running CentOS 7 there are a couple of prerequisites:

sudo yum -y install git bind-utils
sudo hostnamectl set-hostname YOURHOSTNAME
sudo reboot


Once you resolve those requirements or are using Ubuntu 16.04 do the following:

git clone
cd securityonion-saltstack
sudo bash

Follow the prompts and reboot if asked to do so.

Want to try the bleeding edge? You can install the following:

git clone
cd securityonion-saltstack
sudo bash

This is an active development repo so many things can and will be broken.

Allow Access to Kibana

Once Setup is complete and services have initialized, you can then allow access to Kibana as follows.

For a single host:

sudo /opt/so/saltstack/pillar/firewall/ analyst

For a network range:

sudo /opt/so/saltstack/pillar/firewall/ analyst

Then connect to your master via https://YOURMASTER


See the FAQ on the Hybrid Hunter wiki.


If you have questions, problems, or other feedback regarding Hybrid Hunter, please post to our subreddit and prefix the title with [Hybrid Hunter]:

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