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Hybrid Hunter Alpha ISO

The current ISO image installs a base install of CentOS 7 and still requires internet access to download the proper docker containers. Here is a list of advantages of installing via ISO:

  • All CentOS 7 updates as of September 26th 2019.
  • Includes Docker, Salt, and Wazuh reducing overall install time.
  • Will detect multiple drives and you can choose which one to assign as /nsm.
  • The tmp directory is a dedicated partition and is mounted noexec.
  • Local firewall only allows ssh connections until install is completed.
  • Adds a banner to sshd that warns of unauthorized access.
  • Forces the creation of an admin user and disables the default account.


Evaluation Mode:

  • Minimum 12GB of RAM
  • Minimum 4 CPU cores
  • Minimum 2 NICs
  • Minimum 40GB storage space


  • Minimum 8GB of RAM per VM
  • Minimum 4 CPU cores per VM
  • Minimum 2 NICs for forward nodes
  • Minimum 40GB storage space

Version 1.1.1

ISO Download
MD5: 49ee8bf19d2e72276aca005b1d611f48

Login Information

Username: onion

Password: V@daL1aZ

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