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IRC bot to interface with GitHub
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IRC bot to interface with GitHub


Python 2.7 (not tested with any others)

  • see requirements.txt for more -


pip install -r requirements.txt


By default, Gitbot connects to Freenode's networks. To specify different portions:

# Connect to #git on

# To have the bot be a different name

# If the nick has a nickserv password
Client(nick="SomeNickBot", nick_pass="p$ass")

# To have Gitbot listen for a different event

Gitbot now allows searching by issue #, keywords or labels:

# Issue number
!search python 6

# Keywords
!search api ach international

# Labels (label: can also be used)
# If searching more than 1 label at the same time, must be comma-separated list
!search api labels:ach,approved

GitBot also allows sending GitHub links to someone:

!send <nick> <repo> [subdirectory]

# To send someone to balanced-api
!send someone api

# To send someone to balanced-python's issues
!send someone python issues

This will send a PM with the full GitHub link.

If instead you want to direct someone to a page on, you just do this:

!send <nick> balanced [subdirectory]

# Send them to the payment flow page
!send someone balanced flow
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