Security Innovation

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AuthMatrix is a Burp Suite extension that provides a simple way to test authorization in web applications and web services.

Updated Oct 14, 2016

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Pretty Good Privacy for Python

Updated Jun 11, 2016


Updated Feb 18, 2016


A Security and Privacy Guide for non-technical users

Updated Oct 6, 2015


Holodeck is a Fault Injection tool for testing Windows binaries and .NET applications. Holodeck utilizes fault-injection techniques to introduce the application to simulated scenarios that arise as the result of "broken" environments, such as out of memory conditions, corrupt files, bad registry data, or corrupted network packets.

Updated Aug 13, 2014


Updated Jul 9, 2014

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forked from coldwaterq/want2hack

Updated Jul 9, 2014

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forked from arvinddoraiswamy/RestInPeace

Simple REST client that supports session cookies and BASIC authentication

Updated Jun 20, 2014


A very basic fuzzer to replicate the "sniper" functionality in Burp. WhatTheFuzz needs a source of invalid values. You can create one by adding a bunch of test cases to a text file (one per line) or I suggest you use FuzzDB, a great resource for that kind of thing. BSD License

Updated Mar 19, 2014

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This is an ultra basic websockets demo that builds chatroom-like functionality for demo in ILT. It includes no security features (such as AuthN/AuthZ) and some of the basic security features have been commented out for demonstration purposes (more secure lines are just above) originally forked from: https://github.com/heroku-examples/ruby-websoc…

Updated Mar 9, 2014

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forked from arvinddoraiswamy/ThickClientScripts

My IDA scripts, tips and testing techniques for Thick Client applications.

Updated Nov 19, 2013


Static Code Analysis Tool for analyzing C# and ASP.NET applications without relying on binary analysis.

Updated Oct 21, 2013

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forked from CryptoPunk/looper

Itertools extension for generating large and complex datasets using generators.

Updated Oct 11, 2013

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forked from arvinddoraiswamy/mywebappscripts

A collection of all the lists, scripts and techniques I use while doing web application penetration tests.

Updated Aug 23, 2013


A vulnerable demo site for people to learn about Web Application Security

Updated Aug 16, 2013

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Checks trace and ssl security

Updated Aug 10, 2013


Automatic hash detector and cracking plugin for Fiddler2

Updated Jun 27, 2013


YASAT (Yet Another Static Analysis Tool) is a very basic static analysis tool, really it's less about static analysis and more about running a group of regular expressions on a code base and generating a report on the resulting matches.

Updated Jun 25, 2013


forked from JonathanJoelBoyd/ProtoMiddler

This is a Fiddler2 Plugin that implements an Inspector for Protobuf.

Updated Jun 19, 2013


forked from IronBox/AntiSQLi

A simple, easy to use .NET library for mitigating risk from SQL injection (SQLi) attacks

Updated May 13, 2013