@Seddryck Seddryck released this Apr 27, 2018

Release 1.18

This release 1.18 introduces the notion of extensions. An extension is the possibility to plug additional dlls to query other kind of database engines. Three extensions have been developed at the moment and more to come. The currently available extensions target graph databases and more specifically are Gremlin (Tinkerpop) for any database compatible with Tinkerpop\Gremlin (such as Azure Cosmos DB, Tinkerpop Server, OrientDB or JanusGraph) and connecting through the Gremlin.Net driver, Neo4j using the Bolt driver and supporting Cypher queries and finally Cosmos DB (SQL and Graph API) supporting the native API. Note that for Cosmos DB, If your database is a graph database, it's recommended to use the Gremlin.Net driver and so the Gremlin extension and not the Cosmos DB extension.

This NBi release is downloadable from there and each extension can be downloaded form the links above. To install them just download the binaries and copy them (overwrite if needed) to the same folder than NBi. Don't forget to register them in the config file and to update the binding redirections as explained there.


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