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@Seddryck Seddryck released this Nov 1, 2019 · 5 commits to master since this release

Release 1.21

aka NBi 1.21.0

appVeyor build - nuget link - gpr link Upgrade-Package NBi.Framework -version 1.21.0

This release 1.21 extends the work on the support of data quality checks. The main achievement is the new result-set now available in the assertions. This new result-set also includes the xml-source element to source some information from an xml file. This inclusion also adds a few additional features for this source that really helps en enlarge the scope of possibilities. The availability of the element result-set in the assertions means that you can use all the features such as alterations even in the result-set defined in the assertion equal-to. Speaking about alterations, we have added a bunch of them for summarization, unstacking (kind of pivot) but also to rename or project some columns. Another new set of features concerns files and paths, NBi is now able to use a set of files as the source of an instance-settling and some native transformations should help when creating tests with a dynamic set of files. A few other enhancements focus on the native transformations and the usage of variables in many places.

What's new


  • #358 - Replace the result-set defined in the equal-to assertion by the new one
  • #527 - New result-set should support the xml-source element
  • #534 and #531- Improve management of namespaces in the xml-source
  • #543 - equal-to assertion with behavior set to single-row is now supporting columns' name and not just ordinal position of columns
  • #495 - Add support of intersection-of in addition to subset/superset
  • #411 - Add support for tolerance when using lookup-matches
  • #493 - New alteration for renaming a column of a result-set
  • #548 - New alteration for renaming supports a way to not fail when the column doesn't exist
  • #385 - New alteration to hold or remove columns of a result-set by name or index
  • #507 - New alteration to add a new column based on value of other columns and the NCalc engine
  • #536 - The new alteration to add a new column based on value of other columns should also support Native transformations engine.
  • #512 - New alteration to unstack a result-set
  • #546 - Unstack alteration should support a set of columns that must be created
  • #364 - New alteration for summarization
  • #350 - New alteration supporting lookups
  • #513 - Add support for multiple native transformations in a transform statement or alteration
  • #481 - Add support for variables in all commands of setup or cleanup
  • #481 - Add support of custom commands in setup and cleanup
  • #486 - Use filenames as the source for the value of a local-variable
  • #482 - Add support for wildcards for the tasks file-delete or file-copy
  • #485 - File-copy will now automatically create the target directory
  • #490 - Native functions to transform file to some properties
  • #489 - Native functions to support transformations of the file's path
  • #515 and #539 - Native transformations for basic arithmetic with numeric and dateTime
  • #521 and #538 - Native transformations for holding/skipping first/last chars of a text
  • #510 - Native transformations for rounding a dateTime
  • #494 and #537 - Support of variables, format and native transformations for the reference of a predicate
  • #472 - Support of a column's value for the reference of a predicate
  • #533 - Support of a column's value for the parameter of a native transformation
  • #532 - Native transformations are now supporting variables as parameters of functions
  • #496 - Format resolver is now supporting native transformations and not just a variable

bug fixes

  • #547 - single-row assertion gives false positive
  • #480 - Potential double evaluation of a variable when used in the system-under-test and the assert of the same test.
  • #517 - Using format in a parameter: casting error
  • #464 - Empty/NULL value as a part of the key
  • #511 - Regex no longer working correctly with | (or) symbol
  • #551 - Timeout in seconds and not milliseconds for queries
  • #544 - MDX query parameter interpreted as a column name for a row-context and not as a literal


  • #504 - Add the possibility to include tests in a group and not only at the root
  • #501 - Add support to redirect generated tests to different groups with genbiL
  • #502 - Support for adding a setup or cleanup to a group through genbiL

GitHub package repository (GPR)

The different packages are now also available on GitHub package repository at

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