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Image-based pixel art chatroom written in Node with Socket.IO
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A simple chat room where participants communicate via hand-drawn pixel art images instead of text. Made in Node.js and forked from chatroom example

The server sends data between clients by encoding the pixel art canvas element to a base64 jpeg image and sending the resulting string.

How to use

Visit or if you wish to run the script for yourself:

$ cd pixlchat
$ npm install
$ npm install
$ npm start

And point your browser to http://localhost:3000. Optionally, specify a port by supplying the PORT env variable.


  • Multiple users can join a chat room by each entering a unique username on website load.
  • Users can send their art canvas by pressing Enter
  • Leave/Join notifications


  • Reinforce XSS security
  • Moderation features
  • Admin backend
  • Limit one instance per client
  • Create custom pixel art editor
  • Rewrite HTML and CSS
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