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## portwist!
be shotgun # be => bundle exec
CTRL-C to quit
## admin
portwist/ heynow
## setup
## open portwist code
# launch terminal
cd ~/code/portwist # get into directory with terminal
mate . # open all files in the current directory in textmate
## get trevor's changes
gl # git pull (pull trevor's changes)
## commit and push your changes
git add . # add all changed to git's index and prepare to commit
gca -m 'message' # git commit all with message
gp # git push (push your changes to heroku)
## undo changes since last commit (if you broke something)
git add . # add all changed to git's index and prepare to commit
git stash # stash changes away, note "git stash pop" would bring them back
## deploy to heroku (
git push heroku master
1. On home page: Make name and title drop character limit the length of one line.
2. Make 2 separate line id's. change spacing below so bottom of page has some space. lose some space on top of background image to compensate.
3. Make browse button different color after submission?
5. 6.
1. Fix up the back end/ admin approval page. Fix buttons. Make posts disappear after approval?
2. Add instructions about how to submit multiple pictures via email from iphone to us.
3. make light box for each portwist
4. Work Out Horizontal pics. Horizontal background. How does site determine? Add second background.
5. Show user pic they have chosen.
6. Make iPhone App
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