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A minimal social networking site.
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DISCLAIMER - I'ma Fixed Wolf

This and project is still a work in progress. Will need to be updated. I do not feel confident that this will work perfectly for you yet.

For Humans

This project is live

This is a simple Social Media Networking Site using React, Redux and JavaScript as it's front-end. This front-end makes gets and posts request to a rails backend hosted in a private repository.

To run and see this project locally, for this repo and run the following lines of code in your terminal.

$ npm install
$ npm run build
$ npm start

This should install all npm packages and build the project. Then run a server.

By default $ npm start should default to port 3000, so you can type the following in your url to view.



This project incorporates many other libraries.

  • React
  • Redux
  • React-Redux
  • axios
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