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Tuchart is a visualization interface for the Chinese stock market. Tuchart supports candlestick charts, price charts, tick data, high-frequency data and distribution of top shareholders for individual stocks. Tuchart是一个基于pyqt和echarts的股票视觉化应用。Tuchart 支持日/月线,分笔,高频数据,前十股东分笔的视觉化
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TuChart is a visualization tool for the Chinese stock market, based on Tushare and Echarts.



Candlestick Charts


Tick Charts


Major Shareholders


Supports dragging and zooming


Setup Instructions

Install all necessary dependencies

pip install pyecharts==0.2.0

pip install tushare==0.8.6

To install Tuchart, enter pip install tuchart in your terminal

Notice:For best plotting experience,please download the latest version =

then, under your tuchart directory, e.g:



The exact path of tuchart in your directory can be located bypip show tuchart: notebook-0 add/tuchartto pinpoint the tuchart directory.

Right click to choose the name of stock and type of data you would like to plot. Then, press the green arrow button to plot. Due to the size constraints, it is recommended to plot fewer than 5 graphs at the same time.


Tuchart Currently Supports:

  • Raw Stock Data
    • Daily average
    • Weekly average
    • Monthly average
    • 15 minute average
    • 30 minute average
  • Restoration Data
    • Daily average
    • Weekly average
    • Monthly average
    • 15 minute average
    • 30 minute average
  • Tick data of individual stocks
  • High frequency data within one day

High frequency data is calculated from tick data of your chosen day. Algorithm: 如何用TICK数据生成分钟线数据

  • Distribution of Top Shareholders

Tuchart will return data for top shareholders within your chosen year. Manual


  • Supports plotting for High frequency data
    • 1 minute average
    • 5 minute average
    • 15 minute average
    • 30 minute average
  • Supports plotting of top shareholders within a year.

  • Fixed dependency issues when user has PYQT4 Layer

  • Added script to save stock list every 12 hours
  • Increased stability
  • Auto-resize image according to size of the app
  • Added market indexes



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