building RePhone applications on Mac OS X

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We are able to build RePhone application on Mac OS X using make and gcc-arm-embedded toolchain.


  • make

  • python

  • gcc-arm-embedded toolchain

    We can install gcc-arm-embedded toolchain using homebrew. First tap the [ARMmbed brew formulae], then install the toolchain:

    brew tap ARMmbed/homebrew-formulae
    brew install arm-none-eabi-gcc

Get project templates

Download projects templates CodeLite_for_RePhone or use git:

git clone


cd {path/to/}CodeLite_for_RePhone
cd project_blink   # or project_button, project_js and etc.
make               # a *.vxp file will be generate


  1. Set RePhone into storage mode by holding RePhone's button about 2 seconds, we'll get a disk (if a disk doesn't appear, try to hold the button about 2 seconds again which switches RePhone mode between storage mode and application running mode).
  2. Put the vxp file into MRE directory
  3. Change the vxp file name of autostart.txt to the new vxp file
  4. Hold the button about 2 seconds to run the new application
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