Eagle source files for Grove modules
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2-Coil Latching Relay/v1.0b
3-Axis Analog Accelerometer
3-Axis Digital Accelerometer(±1.5g)
3-Axis Digital Accelerometer(±16g)
3-Axis Digital Accelerometer(±400g)/v1.0
3-Axis Digital Compass
3-Axis Digital Gyro
4-Digit Display/v1.0
6-Axis Accelerometer & Compass
Air Quality Sensor
Alcohol Sensor/v0.9b
BLE (dual model)/v1.0
Barometer (High-Accuracy)/v1.0
Barometer Sensor (BMP180)/v1.0
Barometer Sensor
Base Shield for IOIO-OTG/v1.0
Base Shield
Bee Socket/v0.9a
Chainable RGB LED/v0.9b
Chest Strap Heart Rate Sensor/v1.0
Circular LED/v0.9b
Collision Sensor
Differential Amplifier
Digital Light Sensor/v0.9b
Dry-Reed Relay/v1.0b
EL Driver/v1.0
EMG Detector
Electricity Sensor/v1.0
FM Receiver/v1.0
Flame Sensor/v1.0
GSR Sensor/v1.0
Gas Sensor(MQ2)/v0.9b
Gas Sensor(MQ3)/v0.9b
Gas Sensor(MQ5)/v0.9b
Gas Sensor(MQ9)/v0.9b
Gas Sensor(O2)/v1.0
Geiger Counter/v0.9b
HCHO Sensor/v1.0
Hall Sensor/v0.9b
High Temperature Sensor/v1.0
I2C ADC/v1.0
I2C Color Sensor
I2C FM Receiver
I2C Hub/v1.1
I2C Motor Driver
I2C Touch Sensor/v1.1
IMU 10DOF/v1.0
IR Distance Interrupter/v1.0
Infrared Emitter/v1.1
Infrared Receiver/v1.0
Infrared Reflective Sensor/v1.0
Infrared Temperature Sensor
LED Bar/v1.0
LED Socket Kit/v1.0b
LED String Light/v1.0
LED Strip Driver
Light Sensor/v0.9b
Line Finder/v1.0
Loudness Sensor/v0.9b
Luminance Sensor/v1.0
Magnetic Switch
Mega Shield/0.9b
Mini Camera/v1.0
Mini Fan/v1.0
Moisture Sensor/v1.2
NFC Tag/v1.0
PH Sensor/v1.0
PIR Motion Sensor
PS-2 Adapter/v0.91b
Piezo Vibration Sensor/v0.9b
Q Touch Sensor/v1.0
RJ45 Adapter/v1.0b
Rotary Angle Sensor(P)/v1.1
Rotary Angle Sensor/v1.2
SPDT Relay(30A)/v1.0b
Screw Terminal/v0.9b
Serial Bluetooth/v1.0
Serial LCD
Serial MP3 Player/v1.0b
Single Axis Analog Gyro/v1.0b
Slide Potentiometer/v1.0
Solid State Relay/v0.9b
Sound Recorder/v1.1
Sound Sensor
Temperature & Humidity Sensor (High-Accuracy & Mini)/v1.0
Temperature & Humidity Sensor Pro
Temperature & Humidity Sensor/v0.9b
Temperature Sensor
Thumb Joystick/v0.9b
Tilt Switch
Touch Sensor
UV Sensor/v1.0b
Variable Color LED/v0.9b
Vibration Motor
Voltage Divider/v1.0b
Water Sensor/v0.9b
XBee Carrier/v0.9b



Eagle source files for Grove modules

Module Latest Wiki Bazaar SKU
Grove - 125KHz RFID Reader - Wiki Buy SEN11425P
Grove - 2-Coil Latching Relay v1.0b Wiki Buy COM05061P
Grove - 3-Axis Analog Accelerometer v1.1 Wiki Buy SEN02241P
Grove - 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer(±1.5g) v1.2b Wiki Buy SEN21853P
Grove - 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer(±16g) v1.3 Wiki Buy SEN04051P
Grove - 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer(±400g) v1.0 Wiki Buy 811022001
Grove - 3-Axis Digital Compass v1.2 Wiki Buy SEN12753P
Grove - 3-Axis Digital Gyro v1.2b Wiki Buy SEN11763P
Grove - 315MHz Simple RF Link Kit - Wiki Buy WLS01051O
Grove - 4-Digit Display v1.0 Wiki Buy LED05291P
Grove - 433MHz Simple RF Link Kit - Wiki Buy WLS01052O
Grove - 6-Axis Accelerometer and Compass v2.0 Wiki Buy SEN05072P
Grove - 80cm Infrared Proximity Sensor - Wiki Buy SEN39046P
Grove - Air Quality Sensor v1.3 Wiki Buy SEN01111P
Grove - Alcohol Sensor v0.9b Wiki Buy SEN21723P
Grove - Barometer (High-Accuracy) v1.0 Wiki Buy 811027001
Grove - Barometer Sensor (BMP180) v1.0 Wiki Buy 811024001
Grove - Barometer Sensor v1.0b Wiki Buy SEN05291P
Grove - Base Shield for IOIO-OTG v1.0 Wiki Buy SLD00100P
Grove - Base Shield v1.2 v1.2 Wiki Buy SLD12148P
Grove - Base Shield v1.3 v1.3 Wiki Buy SLD01099P
Grove - Base Shield v2 v2.0 Wiki Buy SLD01099P
Grove - Bee Socket v0.9a Wiki Buy COM05081P
Grove - BLE v1.0 Wiki Buy 811007001
Grove - BLE (Dual Model) v1.0 Wiki - -
Grove - BlinkM - Wiki Buy LED42149P
Grove - Blue LED - Wiki Buy COM04051P
Grove - Button v1.0b Wiki Buy COM22242P
Grove - Button(P) - Wiki Buy COM08211P
Grove - Buzzer v1.1b Wiki Buy COM22458P
Grove - Chainable RGB LED v0.9b Wiki Buy COM53140P
Grove - Chest Strap Heart Rate Sensor v1.0 Wiki Buy MED03211P
Grove - Circular LED v0.9b Wiki Buy LED01113P
Grove - CO2 Sensor - Wiki Buy 101020067
Grove - Collision Sensor v2.0 Wiki Buy SEN03281P
Grove - Differential Amplifier v1.2 Wiki Buy COM10221P
Grove - Digital Light Sensor v0.9b Wiki Buy SEN10171P
Grove - DMX512 v1.0 Wiki Buy ACC05071P
Grove - Dry-Reed Relay v1.0b Wiki Buy COM04071P
Grove - Dust Sensor - Wiki Buy SEN12291P
Grove - Ear-clip Heart Rate Sensor - Wiki Buy MED03212P
Grove - Electricity Sensor v1.0 Wiki Buy SEN23931P
Grove - Electromagnet v1.0 Wiki Buy 811014001
Grove - EL Driver v1.0 Wiki Buy 105020005
Grove - EMG Detector v1.1 Wiki Buy 811006001
Grove - Encoder v0.9b Wiki Buy COM01112P
Grove - Fingerprint Sensor - Wiki Buy SEN04172P
Grove - Flame Sensor v1.0 Wiki Buy SEN05082P
Grove - FM Receiver v1.0 Wiki Buy 811021001
Grove - Gas Sensor(MQ2) v0.9b Wiki Buy SEN90512P
Grove - Gas Sensor(MQ3) v0.9b Wiki Buy SEN04091P
Grove - Gas Sensor(MQ5) v0.9b Wiki Buy SEN90502P
Grove - Gas Sensor(MQ9) v0.9b Wiki Buy SEN04092P
Grove - Gas Sensor(O2) v1.0 Wiki Buy SEN00500P
Grove - Geiger Counter v0.9b Wiki Buy SEN63024P
Grove - GPS v1.1 Wiki Buy SEN10752P
Grove - Green LED - Wiki Buy COM04053P
Grove - GSR Sensor v1.0 Wiki Buy SEN01400P
Grove - Hall Sensor v0.9b Wiki Buy SEN14034P
Grove - HCHO Sensor v1.0 Wiki Buy SEN01500P
Grove - High Temperature Sensor v1.0 Wiki Buy 811010001
Grove - I2C ADC v1.0 Wiki Buy INT00100P
Grove - I2C Color Sensor v1.2 Wiki Buy SEN60256P
Grove - I2C FM Receiver v1.1 Wiki Buy 107020006
Grove - I2C Hub v1.1 Wiki Buy ACC53133P
Grove - I2C Motor Driver v1.2 Wiki Buy ROB72212P
Grove - I2C Touch Sensor v1.1 Wiki Buy SEN51153P
Grove - IMU 9DOF v1.0 Wiki Buy 811003001
Grove - IMU 10DOF v1.0 Wiki - -
Grove - Infrared Emitter v1.1 Wiki Buy WLS12148P
Grove - Infrared Receiver v1.0 Wiki Buy WLS12136P
Grove - Infrared Reflective Sensor v1.0 Wiki Buy WLS07061P
Grove - Infrared temperature sensor v1.0 Wiki Buy SEN01041P
Grove - IR Distance Interrupter v1.0 Wiki Buy SEN09281P
Grove - LCD RGB Backlight - Wiki Buy 811004001
Grove - LED Bar v1.0 Wiki Buy LED05031P
Grove - LED Socket Kit v1.0b Wiki Buy COM22341P
Grove - LED String Light v1.0 Wiki Buy 811019001
Grove - LED Strip Driver v1.2 Wiki Buy LED05241P
Grove - LED v1.1 Wiki Buy COM22341P
Grove - Light Sensor v0.9b Wiki Buy SEN11302P
Grove - Light Sensor(P) - Wiki Buy SEN08211P
Grove - Line Finder v1.0 Wiki Buy SEN21177P
Grove - Loudness Sensor v0.9b Wiki Buy SEN02281P
Grove - Luminance Sensor v1.0 Wiki Buy 101020076
Grove - Magnetic Switch v1.3 Wiki Buy COM11335P
Grove - Mega Shield v0.9b Wiki Buy SLD90147P
Grove - Mini Camera v1.0 Wiki Buy SEN00300P
Grove - Mini Fan v1.0 Wiki Buy 811005001
Grove - Moisture Sensor v1.2 Wiki Buy SEN92355P
Grove - MOSFET v1.0 Wiki Buy ACT00200P
Grove - Multi Color Flash LED (5mm) - Wiki Buy COM04052P
Grove - NFC Tag v1.0 Wiki Buy 101020070
Grove - NFC v1.0 Wiki Buy 811011001
Grove - NunChuck v1.0 Wiki Buy HOK05171P
Grove - OLED Display 128x64 - Wiki Buy OLE35046P
Grove - OLED Display 96x96 - Wiki Buy OLE42178P
Grove - PH Sensor v1.0 Wiki Buy SEN00600P
Grove - Piezo Vibration Sensor v0.9b Wiki Buy SEN04031P
Grove - PIR Motion Sensor v1.2 Wiki Buy SEN32357P
Grove - Protoshield v1.0 Wiki Buy PRO23049P
Grove - PS/2 Adapter v0.91b Wiki Buy COM14048P
Grove - Purple LED (3mm) - Wiki Buy COM04055P
Grove - Q Touch Sensor v1.0 Wiki Buy 811026001
Grove - Recorder v1.0 Wiki Buy 811020001
Grove - Red LED - Wiki Buy COM04054P
Grove - Relay v1.2 Wiki Buy COM22639P
Grove - RJ45 Adapter v1.0b Wiki Buy COM04182P
Grove - Rotary Angle Sensor v1.2 Wiki Buy COM22735P
Grove - Rotary Angle Sensor(P) v1.1 Wiki Buy COM08212P
Grove - RTC v1.1 Wiki Buy SEN12671P
Grove - Screw Terminal v0.9b Wiki Buy COM12533P
Grove - Serial Bluetooth v1.0 Wiki Buy WLS31746P
Grove - Serial Camera Kit - Wiki Buy 815001001
Grove - Serial Camera - Wiki Buy SEN91224P
Grove - Serial LCD v1.0b Wiki Buy LCD23154P
Grove - Serial MP3 Player v1.0b Wiki Buy SEN01300P
Grove - Serial RF Pro - Wiki Buy WLS31625P
Grove - Servo - Wiki Buy ROB08211P
Grove - Single Axis Analog Gyro v1.0b Wiki Buy SEN05091P
Grove - Slide Potentiometer v1.0 Wiki Buy COM05231P
Grove - Solid State Relay v0.9b Wiki Buy COM01281P
Grove - Sound Recorder v1.1 Wiki Buy SEN71254P
Grove - Sound Sensor v1.3 Wiki Buy SEN12945P
Grove - SPDT Relay(30A) v1.0b Wiki Buy ACT05161P
Grove - Speaker v1.0b Wiki Buy COM05051P
Grove - Switch(P) v1.0 Wiki Buy COM08213P
Grove - Temperature and Humidity Sensor Pro v0.9b Wiki Buy SEN51035P
Grove - Temperature and Humidity Sensor v0.9b Wiki Buy SEN11301P
Grove - Temperature Sensor v1.1 Wiki Buy SEN23292P
Grove - Tempture & Humidity Sensor (High-Accuracy & Mini) v1.0 Wiki Buy 101020074
Grove - Thumb Joystick v0.9b Wiki Buy COM90133P
Grove - Tilt Switch v1.1 Wiki Buy COM22863P
Grove - Touch Sensor v1.0 Wiki Buy SEN11303P
Grove - Ultrasonic Ranger - Wiki Buy SEN10737P
Grove - UV Sensor v1.0b Wiki Buy SEN00700P
Grove - Variable Color LED v0.9b Wiki Buy COM53120P
Grove - Vibration Motor v1.2a Wiki Buy ROB51043P
Grove - Voltage Divider v1.0b Wiki Buy POW05161P
Grove - Water Sensor v0.9b Wiki Buy SEN11304P
Grove - White LED - Wiki Buy COM04056P
Grove - XBee Carrier v0.9b Wiki Buy SLD71385P