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Grove_Temperature_And_Humidity_Sensor Build Status

This is an Arduino library for the DHT series of low cost temperature/humidity sensors.

Grove - Temperature & Humidity Sensor (DHT11)

Grove - Temperature&Humidity Sensor Pro(AM2302)

This temperature & humidity sensor provides a pre-calibrated digital output. A unique capacitive sensor element measures relative humidity and the temperature is measured by a negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor. It has excellent reliability and long term stability.

For more information please visit wiki DHT11 and wiki AM2302

Add support for DHT10 , The different from other DHT* device is that it uses i2c interface.

This demo is licensed under The MIT License. Check LINCESE for more information.

Contributing to this software is warmly welcomed. You can do this basically by
forking, committing modifications and then pulling requests (follow the links above
for operating guide). Adding change log and your contact into file header is encouraged.
Thanks for your contribution.

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