Arduino NFC library using PN532 to read/write card and communicate with android
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NFC library for Arduino

This is an Arduino library for PN532 to use NFC technology. It is for NFC Shield and Grove - NFC.

NFC Shield Grove - NFC


To Do

  • To support more than one INFO PDU of P2P communication
  • To read/write NFC Type 4 tag

Getting Started

  • Easy way

    1. Download zip file and extract the 4 folders(PN532, PN532_SPI, PN532_I2C and PN532_HSU) into Arduino's libraries.
    2. Download Don's NDEF library, extract it into Arduino's libraries and rename it to NDEF.
    3. Follow the examples of the two libraries.
  • Git way for Linux/Mac (recommended)

    1. Get PN532 library and NDEF library

       cd {Arduino}\libraries  
       git clone --recursive NFC
       ln -s NFC/PN532 ./
       ln -s NFC/PN532_SPI ./
       ln -s NFC/PN532_I2C ./
       ln -s NFC/PN532_HSU ./
       ln -s NFC/NDEF ./
    2. Follow the examples of the two libraries


It's based on Adafruit_NFCShield_I2C. Seeed Studio rewrite the library to make it easy to support different interfaces and platforms. @Don writes the NDEF library to make it more easy to use. @JiapengLi adds HSU interface. @awieser adds card emulation function.