This library is used for Seeed graphical programming project
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##Accelerometer_ADXL345 image

This is a high resolution digital accelerometer providing you at max 3.9mg/LSB resolution and large ±16g measurement range. It's base on an advanced 3-axis IC ADXL345. Have no worry to implement it into your free-fall detection project, cause it's robust enough to survive upto 10,000g shock. Meanwhile, it's agile enough to detect single and double taps.It's ideal for motion detection, Gesture detection as well as robotics.


This library is used for Seeed graphical programming Project only.



void init();  // should be called before read data 

Read data

 * Function Name: AxisDigitalAccelerometerRead 
 * Input: PinName, useless, can be any value 
 *        _xyz – chanel choose 
              'X' - read acc_x 
              'Y' - read acc_y 
              'Z' - read acc_z 
 * Return: distance in cm   
float AxisDigitalAccelerometerRead(int PinName, char _xyz); 

Test Case

Get acc of X, Y, Z in turn, and print to Serial monitor.

// test for seeed graphical programming project 
// loovee @ 2015-8-4 
#include <Wire.h> 
#include <ADXL345.h> 
ADXL345 adxl; 
void setup() 
void loop() 
    float ax, ay, az; 
    ax = adxl.AxisDigitalAccelerometerRead(5, 'X'); 
    ay = adxl.AxisDigitalAccelerometerRead(5, 'Y'); 
    az = adxl.AxisDigitalAccelerometerRead(5, 'Z'); 
    Serial.print(ax, 2); Serial.print('\t'); 
    Serial.print(ay, 2); Serial.print('\t'); 
    Serial.println(az, 2); 

This software is written by Loovee for seeed studio
and is licensed under The MIT License. Check License.txt for more information.

Contributing to this software is warmly welcomed. You can do this basically by
forking, committing modifications and then pulling requests (follow the links above
for operating guide). Adding change log and your contact into file header is encouraged.
Thanks for your contribution.

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