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Python script for Raspberry pi hat using #ublox lara r2# LTE module.
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This python module is used for Ublox lara r2 cellular module should only runs on Raspberry Pi.

Using pip to install

pip install ublox_lara_r2


Download the source code to install

git clone
sudo python install


from ublox_lara_r2 import *

u = Ublox_lara_r2()

# Close debug massage 
u.debug = False

# show module name
if u.sendAT("AT+CGMM\r\n", "OK\r\n"):
    print "\r\nmodule name: ", u.response.split('\r\n')[1]

# get SIM card state
if u.sendAT("AT+CSIM?\r\n", "OK\r\n"):
    print "\r\nSIM state: ", u.response.split('\r\n')[1]

# check rssi
rssi = u.getRSSI()
print "RSSI: ", rssi
40-pin GPIO header detected
Enabling CTS0 and RTS0 on GPIOs 16 and 17
rts cts on
waking up...
module name:  LARA-R211
RSSI:  3
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