Collection of editor commands for use in PowerShell Editor Services.
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EditorServicesCommandSuite is a PowerShell module of editor commands to assist with editing PowerShell scripts in VSCode.

This project adheres to the Contributor Covenant code of conduct. By participating, you are expected to uphold this code. Please report unacceptable behavior to


  • Generate markdown help using PlatyPS
  • Implement a .NET interface with PowerShell classes
  • Module maintenance like adding commands to the manifest
  • Suppress PSScriptAnalyzer rules
  • Splat commands


Check out our documentation for a full list of editor commands and what they do.




Install from the Gallery

Install-Module EditorServicesCommandSuite -Scope CurrentUser

Add to Profile (Optional)

# Place this in your VSCode profile
Import-Module EditorServicesCommandSuite
Import-EditorCommand -Module EditorServicesCommandSuite
# Or copy this command and paste it into the integrated console
psedit $profile;$psEditor|% g*t|% c*e|% i* "Import-Module EditorServicesCommandSuite`nImport-EditorCommand -Module EditorServicesCommandSuite`n" 1 1 1 1


You can call any of the editor commands as functions like you would from any module. Or you can import them as registered editor commands in Editor Services.

Import all Editor Commands

Import-Module EditorServicesCommandSuite
Import-EditorCommand -Module EditorServicesCommandSuite

Import specific Editor Commands

Import-Module EditorServicesCommandSuite
Get-Command ConvertTo-MarkdownHelp, ConvertTo-SplatExpression | Import-EditorCommand

Using Editor Commands

Check out the Using Editor Commands guide in the PowerShell Editor Services documentation. I also highly recommend setting up a hotkey for the editor command menu. Here is mine as an example.

{ "key": "ctrl+shift+c",   "command": "PowerShell.ShowAdditionalCommands",
                              "when": "editorLangId == 'powershell'" },


This module is built to be compatible with the project structure from my Plaster template SSPowerShellBoilerplate. If you prefer a different structure you can configure the paths with a workspace settings file. You can create a default settings file in the current workspace with the New-ESCSSettingsFile function.

Included Commands

All commands unless otherwise noted target the closest relevant expression.

Function Name Editor Command Name Description
Add-CommandToManifest Add Closest Function To Manifest Add a function to the manifest fields ExportedFunctions and FileList
Add-ModuleQualification Add Module Name to Closest Command Infers the origin module of the command closest to the cursor and prepends the module name
Add-PinvokeMethod Insert Pinvoke Method Definition Searches the web service for a matching function and creates a Add-Type expression with the signature
ConvertTo-FunctionDefinition Create New Function From Selection Generate a function definition expression from current selection
ConvertTo-LocalizationString Add Closest String to Localization File Replaces a string expression with a variable that references a localization file, and adds the string to that file
ConvertTo-MarkdownHelp Generate Markdown from Closest Function Generate markdown using PlatyPS, add the markdown file to your docs folder, and replace the comment help with an external help file comment.
ConvertTo-SplatExpression Convert Command to Splat Expression Create a splat hashtable variable from named parameters in a command and replace the named parameters with a a splat expression.
Expand-Expression Expand Selection Text to Output Invoke the currently selected text and replace it with the result.
Expand-MemberExpression Expand Member Expression Expands the closest member expression of a non-public member to a reflection statement to access it. For public methods it will also expand to include parameter name comments.
Expand-TypeImplementation Expand Closest Type to Implementation Replace a type expression with a class that implements the .NET class. Includes methods that are required to be implemented.
Remove-Semicolon Remove cosmetic semicolons Remove semi-colons that are at the end of a line, not in a string, and not a part of a property definition in a class.
Set-HangingIndent Set Selection Indent to Selection Start Indent selected lines to the start of the selection.
Set-RuleSuppression Suppress Closest Analyzer Rule Violation Create a SuppressMessage attribute for the closest rule violation and place it either above the violation if supported or above the param block.
Set-UsingStatementOrder Sort Using Statements Sort using statements by type (assembly, module, or namespace) and alphabetically

Contributions Welcome!

We would love to incorporate community contributions into this project. If you would like to contribute code, documentation, tests, or bug reports, please read our Contribution Guide to learn more.