Copyright FAQ

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What licenses does Sefaria allow?

Sefaria only want to include text which is open for reuse and sharing. Right now we try to restrict our texts to the following licenses:

I have book in my hands, can I copy from it?

It depends. In order to copy the content, the book's copyright must have expired. The rules surrounding this are too numerous to list here, but the Cornell University Copyright center has an excellent list of all the relevant rules which should help you to determine the copyright status of your work.

I found this text for free on the Internet, so I can copy it, right?

Probably not. All text on the internet is copyrighted by default. The creator or owner of the work must state that they allow copying, reproduction, and use of their work. Look for a license and see if they have licensed their work under an open license which allows for reuse. Some sites, like wikisource, license all of their texts under an open license and are good places to look for free texts.

May I copy the English Talmud from Soncino / / Come & Hear?


May I copy text from the Bar-Ilan Responsa project?