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This fdw can be used to access data stored in `CSV files`_. Each column defined
in the table will be mapped, in order, against columns in the CSV file.
.. api_compat:: :read:
.. _CSV files:
No dependency outside the standard python distribution.
``filename`` (required)
The full path to the CSV file containing the data. This file must be readable
to the postgres user.
The CSV delimiter (defaults to ``,``).
The CSV quote character (defaults to ``"``).
The number of lines to skip (defaults to ``0``).
Usage example
Supposing you want to parse the following CSV file, located in ``/tmp/test.csv``::
You can declare the following table:
.. code-block:: sql
CREATE SERVER csv_srv foreign data wrapper multicorn options (
wrapper 'multicorn.csvfdw.CsvFdw'
create foreign table csvtest (
year numeric,
make character varying,
model character varying,
length numeric
) server csv_srv options (
filename '/tmp/test.csv',
skip_header '1',
delimiter ',');
select * from csvtest;
.. code-block:: bash
year | make | model | length
1997 | Ford | E350 | 2.34
2000 | Mercury | Cougar | 2.38
(2 lines)
from . import ForeignDataWrapper
from .utils import log_to_postgres
from logging import WARNING
import csv
class CsvFdw(ForeignDataWrapper):
"""A foreign data wrapper for accessing csv files.
Valid options:
- filename : full path to the csv file, which must be readable
by the user running postgresql (usually postgres)
- delimiter : the delimiter used between fields.
Default: ","
def __init__(self, fdw_options, fdw_columns):
super(CsvFdw, self).__init__(fdw_options, fdw_columns)
self.filename = fdw_options["filename"]
self.delimiter = fdw_options.get("delimiter", ",")
self.quotechar = fdw_options.get("quotechar", '"')
self.skip_header = int(fdw_options.get('skip_header', 0))
self.columns = fdw_columns
def execute(self, quals, columns):
with open(self.filename) as stream:
reader = csv.reader(stream, delimiter=self.delimiter)
count = 0
checked = False
for line in reader:
if count >= self.skip_header:
if not checked:
# On first iteration, check if the lines are of the
# appropriate length
checked = True
if len(line) > len(self.columns):
log_to_postgres("There are more columns than "
"defined in the table", WARNING)
if len(line) < len(self.columns):
log_to_postgres("There are less columns than "
"defined in the table", WARNING)
yield line[:len(self.columns)]
count += 1