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Turn videos, gifs and webs into windows live wallpapers. The most simple and useful Weebp implementation in autoit.


  • Portable.
  • Browse your gif or video files.
  • Reset button to reverse all and delete config files.
  • Set your wallpaper on windows startup.





  • AutoWall videos will stop when wallpaper is not visible (even if not playing any games).


Web wallpaper

Set any web to wallpaper, copy url and paste on text field, also Youtube videos.

  • Set Youtube video as a wallpaper using this url format;

For add sound change the mute value (&mute=1) to zero (&mute=0)

  • Set shadertoy as a wallpaper using this url format;

For add sound change the mute value (&mute=true) to true (&mute=false)

Configure performance

AutoWall works with mpv, the configuration is available in "/mpv/" folder with the name "mpv.conf" editing with notedpad you can, for example, play the music of your live wallpaper changing the value "volume" to "100".

Follow the official mpv documentation to configure all performance parameters.

Multiple screens

Autowall from 1.10+ has implemented a very expected feature, multiscreen mode. When you have more than one screen Autowall detects it and show you the option to run it in mutiscreen mode, this still in Beta due to the number of use cases, open an issue if you see something strange or something to improved. Currently multiscreen mode doesnt support many of the singlescreen mode features such as "Stop when Wallpaper is not visible" or "Web wallpaper" . . .

Lives wallpapers for AutoWall

List of sites to find and download the perfect live wallpaper for use in AutoWall;


Articles about AutoWall . . . . . .