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DikuMUD III using HTML, websockets and live Discord integrated.

D-Day June 21, 2020

Look at the end of this file if you want to contribute.

Join us on Discord (live integrated):

Documentation goes here:

The Wiki docs are sync'ed into this GitHUB repo daily. Many thanks to @Damien Davison.


  • gcc/g++
  • flex/bison (sudo apt-get install bison flex)
  • boost devel (sudo apt-get install libboost-all-dev)
  • OpenSSL devel (sudo apt-get install libssl-dev)
  • Rapidjson devel (sudo apt-get install rapidjson-dev)
  • Debian users look here for flex:


  • Doxygen (sudo apt-get install doxygen graphviz dia mscgen)

How to build & launch (using the new cmake)

  1. First build the binaries:

     See [CMake](* for more details.
    cd DikuMUD3/
    cmake .
    make all -j8 # -j8 to compile on 8 threads in parallel
    make test # optionally run the unit tests

Code documentation will be generated in docs/ after the build completes. docs/index.html

  1. Now you're ready to launch, open four tabs in shell:

    cd ../bin/
    ./vme # tab1
    tail -f vme.log # tab2
    ./mplex -w -p 4280 # tab3
    tail -f mplex.log #tab4

You can also launch a telnet mplex using e.g. mplex -p 4242 And then telnet localhost 4242. You can run several mplex'ers to the server, some supporting telnet some support web sockets.

  1. To open the client

    cd ../www/client/
    firefox index.html

Set the host to your fqdn or localhost and set the port to match mplex (4280 if you used that) And you'll see the welcome screen in Firefox

Get in touch if you'd like to contribute. Drop a mail to seifert at Contribution can be anything from world building, to creating tables in excel, to coding.

  • World builders are most welcome.
  • Some issues on Git to look at.
  • Need help creating random treasures. Got something working but need to polish it. Also missing e.g. random descriptions and a way to generate random descriptions.
  • Would like to monitor compiled zone files (INotify?) for changes and reindex them if they change. This will allow live, in-game, updates of zones.
  • Would like to be able to push in-game changes back into the zone files for in-game editing.

Docker build/run/test


  • Install Docker Desktop
  • Increase the memory available to docker if the build cannot complete (docker Preferences->Resources->Advanced->Memory)

Build the docker image (building the mud from source in the process)

DOCKER_BUILDKIT=1 docker build . -t dikumud3

Run the mud in a new container, binding the port to localhost

docker run -d -p 4280:4280 dikumud3

If the above gives an error like below, it may be because your distro sets DOCKER_CONTENT_TRUST. This stops docker from executing images that have not been digitally signed by the creator. You can disable the check by setting the env to zero.

[user@localhost]$ docker run -d -p 4280:4280 dikumud3
docker: you are not authorized to perform this operation: server returned 401.
See 'docker run --help'.
[user@localhost]$ env | grep DOCKER
[user@localhost]$ DOCKER_CONTENT_TRUST=0 docker run -d -p 4280:4280 dikumud3