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Keep Chrome open in the background for faster re-opening


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Lightning Reopen for Chrome

Do you have a million extensions installed that take absolutely ages to load when you open a new Chrome window, causing freezes and stuttering? Do you want to get notifications from your browser extensions without having to keep a Chrome window open and cluttering your taskbar? Do you have more RAM than you know what to do with?

If you answered yes to at least one of the questions above then this extension is for you! After installing, Chrome will sit in your notification area and remain open in the background, which means that when you open a new Chrome window all your extensions will not need to re-initialize themselves resulting in a lot faster startup and next to no lag.

For the longest time I've been just installing Dropbox for Gmail on all my machines to get this effect, but taking a look at what permissions it has made me realize that maybe I should not be doing that. I decided to make my own background extension with blackjack and hookers no permissions, no cryptominers and no API calls "phoning home".

That's right, this extension literally has no way to access any of your personal data anywhere while you're browsing, its only purpose is to let you keep Chrome in the background. Even if at any point the extension were to be compromised you would be prompted for any extra permissions, which you should never agree to. You have my word that this extension will never be sold to any shady extension marketing company looking to inject ads and/or trackers into every page you visit. If you are interested in seeing how many people did not read this paragraph, feel free to check out issue #4 where I share screenshots of e-mails from people and organizations attempting to buy the extension off me.

Download Lightning Reopen from the Chrome Web Store

Download YTMySubs from the Chrome Web Store


Keep Chrome open in the background for faster re-opening








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