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SeisSol is a scientific software for the numerical simulation of seismic wave phenomena and earthquake dynamics. It is based on the discontinuous Galerkin method combined with ADER time discretization. Visit our official website and also read our documentation in order to learn more about SeisSol. Our discussion forum can help you to communicate with SeisSol developers or other users, share your ideas, ask questions, etc.


SeisSol is still under heavy development and comes without any guaranteed funcitonality. At the moment we can only provide very limited support for general users.


If you are interested in a close collaboration, please, contact Alice Gabriel.

Code of Conduct

We follow a Code of Conduct. Please follow the rules when participating in our community.


We will be happy if you plan to contribute new features, extensions or bug fixes to SeisSol. To start off, please, open a new issue and discuss your feature with us before diving into coding.

To learn more about contributing to SeisSol, please read our Contribution page.