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A simple eclipse plug-in which provides support for links in the eclipse console to files which starts with file:// and which are in the current eclipse workspace.
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Console Links - Eclipse Plug-in

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This eclipse plug-in provides support for file system links in the eclipse console. A link to a file must start with file:// and the file must reference a file in the current eclipse workspace. Only files without whitespaces are supported by the plugin.

Try something like System.out.println("file://C:/workspace/consolelink/pom.xml"); the path in the eclipse console now works as a link to the pom.xml file.


  • Eclipse Indigo 3.7.2
  • Maven 3.0.x to build the project


The eclipse plug-in could be installed from the following eclipse update site:

Build and Installation

  • Download Apache Maven Version 3.0.x

  • Run mvn clean package in the root folder of the project

  • Install the plug-in from the local update site The update site can be found in the folder consolelink.repository/target/site


Apache License, Version 2.0 (current)

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