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dependency on pdftk #13

dbu opened this Issue · 6 comments

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what is the minimum version of pdftk required to render pdfs? i have pdftk 1.41 and just downloaded phantomjs 1.5.0.

when i render slides, i get half of the image grey and for long slides i see the bottom part at the top of my slide. the lower part of the slide is always blank. and data-background slides seem not to have the background image.


I have a similar issue with pdftk 1.44 and phantomjs 1.4.0. I can only see the bottom half of the each slide in the PDF.
Any tips ?

No issue with background though.


It works fine with phantomjs 1.6.1. Except that the code parts are not well converted.


I think that's just an issue on linux, the pdf rendering is kinda voodoo, you can try to play with the numbers/multipliers on and see what happens. Those numbers seem to work on windows, but they don't on linux AFAIK. It shouldn't be related to pdftk since it just merges the pages together into one single pdf.


it's work for me to change the ration on But SyntaxHighlight don't work. Any idea ? i try to set an higher valuer to delay but with no change.


That's strange I haven't had issues with that.


I start a new issue to don't polluting this one.

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