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Incremental slides locks the next navigation #14

tobiassjosten opened this Issue · 2 comments

2 participants


In the example, once you start incrementing the last slide and then go back (left), every attempt to go right will not move you forward but instead increment the last slide. When it's full, hitting right will again take you forward.


  • Visit page 5 in the example.
  • Hit right and right again, to trigger incrementation.
  • Hit left to go back to page 5.
  • Hit right. Instead of going to page 6, this keeps incrementing the last page and keeps you at page 5.

Confirmed, can't say I have too much time though, if you'd like to try and fix it it would be great :)


Me neither, I'm afraid. Sorry to just come bringing bad news but I figured at least it was better to get this known.

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