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Algorithms for monitoring and explaining machine learning models
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Alibi Logo

Alibi is an open source Python library aimed at machine learning model inspection and interpretation. The initial focus on the library is on black-box, instance based model explanations.


  • Provide high quality reference implementations of black-box ML model explanation algorithms
  • Define a consistent API for interpretable ML methods
  • Support multiple use cases (e.g. tabular, text and image data classification, regression)
  • Implement the latest model explanation, concept drift, algorithmic bias detection and other ML model monitoring and interpretation methods


Alibi can be installed from PyPI:

pip install alibi


Anchor method applied to the InceptionV3 model trained on ImageNet:

Prediction: Persian Cat Anchor explanation
Persian Cat Persian Cat Anchor

Contrastive Explanation method applied to a CNN trained on MNIST:

Prediction: 4 Pertinent Negative: 9 Pertinent Positive: 4
mnist_orig mnsit_pn mnist_pp

Trust scores applied to a softmax classifier trained on MNIST:


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