Machine learning classifer for the EU Referendum
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Machine learning classifer for the EU Referendum


No compliation for the code is necessary, but a few libraries need to be installed before the python becomes runnable (Python >3 is also required):

nltk ( must also be exectured from the python terminal)

After installing the required libraries, run backend/ This will run a flask server by default on http://localhost:5000 - this is changeable in the last line of the python.

Next, you will need to put the frontend files on a localhost server - if you will not be using port 80,'s line 39 must be changed to reflect this - CORS(app, origin="http://localhost") --> CORS(app, origin="http://localhost:XXXX"). If you have no idea how to do this, you can use programs such as XAMPP or MAMP - just move the frontend files into the htdocs folder, and add the line ServerName (this can be changed if you are not using port 80 or localhost) to the file httpd.conf - if this is not done, the jQuery AJAX requests will be made unbearably slowly.

After doing this, you should be good to go! Just navigate to http://localhost, and the frontend should work and communicate with the backend.

data sources

The majority of the data was found from Google searches and random news sources - if you want to add any more data, just add it to the relevant folder in /backend - however, it needs to be encoded in utf-8 - this is what the python will be expecting, and will throw an error if not encoded correctly.

I should also give a special mention to the github repo - data can be found here which was used for initial testing.


The code uses an apache-2 license, which can be found in the file LICENSE-2.0.txt, and at the top of all code files.