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Seldon Core

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Seldon Core is an open source platform for deploying machine learning models on a Kubernetes cluster.

  • Deploy machine learning models in the cloud or on-premise.
  • Get metrics and ensure proper governance and compliance for your running machine learning models.
  • Create powerful inference graphs made up of multiple components.
  • Provide a consistent serving layer for models built using heterogeneous ML toolkits.
.. toctree::
   :maxdepth: 1
   :caption: Getting Started

   Overview <workflow/>

.. toctree::
   :maxdepth: 1
   :caption: Workflow

   Install  <workflow/>
   Wrap your model <wrappers/>
   Create your inference graph <graph/>
   Deploy your model  <workflow/>
   Test your model <workflow/>
   Serve requests  <workflow/>
   Troubleshooting guide <workflow/>
   Usage reporting <workflow/>

.. toctree::
   :maxdepth: 1
   :caption: Wrappers

   Python Models <python/index>
   Java Models <java/>
   R Models <R/>
   NodeJS Models <nodejs/>
   Custom Metrics <analytics/>

.. toctree::
   :maxdepth: 1
   :caption: Inference Graphs

   Distributed Tracing <graph/>
   Annotation-based Configuration <graph/>
   Private Docker Registry <graph/>

.. toctree::
   :maxdepth: 1
   :caption: Deployment Options

   Helm Charts <graph/>
   Ambassador Deployment <graph/>
   Grafana Analytics <analytics/>
   Autoscaling <graph/>

.. toctree::
   :maxdepth: 1
   :caption: ML Compliance and Governance

   Outlier Detection <analytics/>
   Routers (incl. Multi Armed Bandits)  <analytics/>

.. toctree::
   :maxdepth: 1
   :caption: Examples

   Notebooks <examples/notebooks>
   Integrations <examples/integrations>

.. toctree::
   :maxdepth: 1
   :caption: Tutorials

   Articles/Blogs <tutorials/blogs>
   Videos <tutorials/videos>

.. toctree::
   :maxdepth: 1
   :caption: Reference

   Seldon Microservice API <reference/apis/>
   Seldon Operator <reference/cluster-manager>
   Benchmarking <reference/>
   Seldon Deployment CRD <reference/>
   Prediction APIs <reference/apis/index>
   Seldon Core Helm Chart <reference/>
   Release Highlights <reference/release-highlights>
   Images <reference/>

.. toctree::
   :maxdepth: 1
   :caption: Developer

   Overview <developer/>
   Roadmap <developer/>
   Build using private repo <developer/>

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