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Seldon Core Analytics

Seldon Core exposes metrics that can be scraped by Prometheus. The core metrics are exposed by the service orchestrator (engine) and API gateway (server_ingress).

The metrics are:

Prediction Requests

  • seldon_api_engine_server_requests_duration_seconds_(bucket,count,sum) : Requests to the service orchestrator from an ingress, e.g. API gateway or Ambassador
  • seldon_api_engine_client_requests_duration_seconds_(bucket,count,sum) : Requests from the service orchestrator to a component, e.g., a model
  • seldon_api_server_ingress_requests_duration_seconds_(bucket,count,sum) : Requests to the API Gateway from an external client

Feedback Requests

  • seldon_api_model_feedback_reward_total : Reward sent via Feedback API
  • seldon_api_model_feedback_total : Total feedback requests

Each metric has the following key value pairs for further filtering which will be taken from the SeldonDeployment custom resource that is running:

  • deployment_name
  • predictor_name
  • predictor_version
    • This will be derived from the predictor metadata labels
  • model_name
  • model_image
  • model_image

Helm Analytics Chart

Seldon Core provides an example Helm analytics chart that displays the above Prometheus metrics in Grafana. You can install it with:

helm install seldon-core-analytics --name seldon-core-analytics \
     --repo \
     --set grafana_prom_admin_password=password \
     --set persistence.enabled=false \

The available parameters are:

  • grafana_prom_admin_password : The admin user Grafana password to use.
  • persistence.enabled : Whether Prometheus persistence is enabled.

Once running you can expose the Grafana dashboard with:

kubectl port-forward $(kubectl get pods -l app=grafana-prom-server -o jsonpath='{.items[0]}') 3000:3000

You can then view the dashboard at http://localhost:3000/dashboard/db/prediction-analytics?refresh=5s&orgId=1


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