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A blank and minimal theme for Grav CMS. No dependencies, improved directory structure, optimized build process and freedom to create. It's basically Skelet. for Grav.


Install via Grav Admin Plugin

  1. Download Skelet.

  2. Login to your Admin Panel

  3. Go to Tools > Direct install select and click Upload and install

  4. Go to Themes and Activate Skelet.

    By using this method you will have to manually copy the files from user/themes/skelet/_demo/pages to user/pages


  1. Go to Configurations under Twig templating switch Autoescape variables to No

Change Theme Name

If you want to rename your new theme with something more personal. You need to edit the following:

+ Rename Files:
	- selekkt.jpg
	- skelet.yaml
	- skelet.php

+ Edit files:
	- blueprints.yaml
	- skelet.php