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ShockBlast's NETWORK Status page

Live Demo - ShockBlast Status Page!

This script serves as a STATUS page, it helps you to check via AJAX (without refreshing the whole page) if a pre-selected IP address or domain is giving a 200 OK response.

You can:

  • have an infinite list of hosts and/or ip addresses
  • define different ports
  • define the seconds/minutes the script should refresh and check the domain/IP

This is where and how you should enter your list of sites to get checked:

    $servers = array(
        'ShockBlast' => array(              // Service Name
            'ip' => '',       // IP address or Domain
            'port' => 80,                   // port: i.e. 80 = http & 443 = https
            'info' => 'ShockBlast',         // Use for Name / Description [useless field]
            'purpose' => 'Main'             // Description