bot for #selenium on freenode
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IRC bot for the #selenium channel on freenode.


The bot utilizes a PostgreSQL database for persisting data. Follow the installation guides for help getting setup locally.

A database needs to be created and the DATABASE_URL environment variable needs to be set. Typically, localhost is used for development:


For use in production, the url should be in the form:


Required tables will be genereted automatically by the app.


To run the bot locally, try:

$ bundle install
$ SELBOT_CHANNEL=#my-test-channel bundle exec ruby -I lib bin/selbot2.rb

Note that startup is for unknown reasons quite slow. Disabling plugins may or may not help this.

In production, use:

$ OPEN_ISSUE_INTERVAL=1800 bundle exec ruby -Ilib bin/selbot2.rb

For use with youtube one needs to create an API Key and set that as "youtube.conf" environment variable.