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Selenium IDE · Build Status

[WIP] An integrated development environment for Selenium scripts

Selenium IDE as a WebExtension is developed under the branch v3 view the readme here.


This project is a work in progress, towards a complete rewrite of the old Selenium IDE. The IDE traditionally was developed to be a browser extension, we are now rewriting it to work as an electron app, more info soon.




The move to Electron is a work in progress. We will post updates as progress is made. If you're looking for Selenium IDE as a browser extension then check out the v3 branch.


  • git has to be in $PATH for the installation to pass

  • yarn


  • Install the dependencies yarn or if using Node 10 yarn --ignore-engines
  • Build the extension
    yarn build and then yarn watch for faster incremental builds

What now?

Here's a draft of the general tasks ahead. Feel free to pitch in and announce which you wish to take upon yourself:

  • Extension UI - SeIDE users should feel right at home
  • Selectors accuracy - an option is ranking selectors - we can optimize selectors correctness and test stability by collecting as many attributes as we can per user event. The most likely properties will be used for the selectors, with fallback to the others.
  • Intelligent editing
  • Export to selenium code in different languages
  • Playback in a way that's consistent with web drivers
  • Open for extensions

Questions or want to chat?

If you have questions, check out our FAQ.

You can also find us on on the #selenium IRC channel, which is also available on Slack.

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