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Selenium 3.0.1

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@ddavison ddavison released this 18 Jan 07:32
· 11298 commits to trunk since this release


  • Include ElementScrollBehavior enum in the release.
  • Add dependency on HTMLUnit to be included in the standalone server.
  • Grid new session requests pass original request through to the node
    without any modifications.
  • Fix NPE in htmlrunner when port is not specified.
  • FirefoxDriver (legacy) fix to cleanup temp filesystem on quit (#2914 #2908).


  • Implement #driver_path as parameter when initializing a driver (thanks lmtierney)
  • Improve Ruby syntax in driver commands (thanks joe_schulte)
  • Improve performance when shutting down drivers (thanks lmtierney)
  • Fix bug for finding open ports on Windows (thanks kou1okada)
  • Fix bug in auto detection of drivers which allowed selection of non-executable binaries


  • Implement #cookie_named and #delete_all_cookies methods (thanks lmtierney)

  • Implement element #property method (thanks lmtierney)


  • Fix bug in switches (thanks danvine)


  • Fix regressions with python 3
  • Add support for Safari Technology Preview


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Commits in this release

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  • aed9a772ea - Bump python client to 3.0.0 :: AutomatedTester
  • 3d30e5e57f - override stopClient without params in FirefoxDriver :: Luke Inman-Semerau
  • ce9c9de40e - starting the changelog now for 3.1 :: Luke Inman-Semerau
  • 4fe755a5ca - adding the travis badge to the readme :: Luke Inman-Semerau
  • 9a04624dd7 - add logo, and build status next to logo :: Daniel Davison
  • b6068aebdc - put build status next to project name :: Dj
  • 95698ce49d - removing bits of code to allow the original requested new session payload to be forwarded to the node :: Luke Inman-Semerau
  • e4c87988fa - Fix typo in python docs :: Dave Hunt
  • 69c55bb6f6 - Add support for Safari Technology Preview to python bindings :: Dave Hunt
  • ee4ad6727d - Fix recent python 3 regressions :: Dave Hunt
  • c212765c40 - Bump python client to 3.0.1 :: Dave Hunt
  • 1d0abcabb0 - initialize port to 0 to avoid an NPE later on when args are checked :: Luke Inman-Semerau
  • a60f0eea76 - Ensure HTMLUnit is a dep of selenium-java :: Simon Stewart
  • bfd2d96461 - phantomjs mirror chosen is flaky. updating download location, but commenting out. The tests pass with the version installed in travis anyways. :: Luke Inman-Semerau
  • 6e4ed463ac - [js] Remove reference to deleted function :: Jason Leyba
  • 9d984ac231 - [js] Add logging to builder to help with debugging :: Jason Leyba
  • 99a8acef4c - use a Map instead of a Pair to avoid javafx, javafx should be everywhere though :) :: Luke Inman-Semerau
  • d4933ff605 - updating idea files for markdown that it keeps wanting to change for me. [skip ci] :: Luke Inman-Semerau
  • a0f6b8dc42 - add ElementScrollBehavior enum to BUCK so it's included in the release artifact like it was in 2.X :: Luke Inman-Semerau
  • 1969d7507b - updating changelog bumping java to 3.0.1 :: Luke Inman-Semerau