Cygwin And WebDriver

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To use rake, you need to have installed the Ruby package with cygwin. If you didn't (check this by running which ruby - it should point at /usr/bin/ruby. If it's something beginning with /cygdrive, you have not installed cygwin Ruby. You will probably get errors complaining about "No medium" if you try to run non-cygwin Ruby).

Make sure your environment variable $RUBYOPT is blank (specifically, does not contain -rubygems).

You then need to install RubyGems. Do this by:

  1. Download the RubyGems tarball from Ruby Forge
  2. Unpack the tarball (tar xvfz rubygems-*.tgz)
  3. Navigate to the unpacked tarball
  4. Run the following command: ruby setup.rb install
  5. Update RubyGems by running the following: gem update --system (You may need to do this twice).

Then install rake. Do this by: gem install --remote rake

which rake should now show /usr/bin/rake

You may need to restart cygwin at this stage.

You should now be able to build webdriver from rake. See DeveloperTips for more information about building from rake.